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Adventurers have been using various forms of “Expedition Vehicles” since the development of the wheel and adventurers come in all shapes and sizes. There are common traits amongst adventurers, that is innovation, drive, thirst for curiosity, ingenuity and a can do attitude.

When four ordinary bearded blokes and their mates got together to chase the tales of the great outdoors, Black Beard Campers were born. These blokes started with no knowledge of what to do when touring the rugged country. When they came together, read up and just got on with getting out there. We learnt around campfires, Youtube and generally love for motorsports.

Each of our products that we have chosen, designed and constructed reflect that attitude. An attitude born out of learning, ingenuity and ruggedness to not only stand up to the trials of the elements but to the knowledge base of the commoner who is feeling their way through what information is available to them. Our campers, camping products and adventure wear.

*Brand Promise: Empower the Aussie bloke or sheila to experience the great outdoors with ease, comfort, affordability, ingenuity and an all round Aussie toughness

what we do

We want to see your dream turn into a reality. At Black Beard Campers we work to fully customize our campers to your specifications. Contact us today for a free quote or come in for a consultation at our shop in Sydney. We'd love to hear about your dream and help you achieve it! We start with some base model campers then customise it to suit the exact nature of your adventure.

We know Black Beard Campers are rugged yet light & dependable hand crafted and customised in Australia for off road camper trailers.

our process

Black Beard Campers are happy to provide you our range of base models, we then work with you to enable the level of ability you need for your vehicle. We can also outfit your 4 x 4 our hauler to work alongside your camper As we regularly do these conversions, our experienced team are there to lend a hand to ensure you have level of ruggedness, ingenuity and quality you need.

Aftersales Care & Support

For many years, our unrivalled after sales care has been the cornerstone of our success. In 2019 we invested even further in the future support of our customers with the construction of our brand new service facilities. We are fully certified and our service centre staff are fully trained and qualified with many years experience in camper modification, maintenance and servicing.

Our conversions & custom campers

Camper conversions with an emphasis on getting the most out of your outdoor lifestyle. Innovative materials and design, culminate too offer a compact every day vehicle which is as comfortable for your commute to work as it is providing a practical base for the most extreme of sports or leisure time. Whatever your passion, Black Beard Campers provide a fresh alternative, combining both quality and value for those who can’t help but explore…

Come see us in our element
We love to meet our customers, so feel free to visit. Book an appointment to come see the projects we have on the go and discuss custom options for you!

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